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TurboTax 2009 Tax CalculatorThis is a featured page

TurboTax Tax Return Calculator for 2009, 2010

Use these free tax calculators from TurboTax to get a preview of your 2008, 2009 income taxes.

Whether you want to know how much your tax refund will be, how much you'll pay in taxes, which deductions you can take or how much your home mortgage will save you in taxes, TurboTax has you covered.

Tax Refund Estimator - How much will your tax refund be this year?

Changes in your life—like a salary or job change, new house or car, or additions to your family—might affect your refund. This tax calculator helps you determine how much you are likely to pay in taxes for 2008—or how big your refund will be. The latest changes to the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) are factored in for increased accuracy.

Tax Rebate Calculator - Will you get a Irs Federal stimulus tax rebate check from the U.S. government this spring?

The government will not automatically send you a stimulus check if you qualify. You must claim this rebate on your 2008 tax return. This could be a huge potential credit for many tax payers that have been laid off or hit hard by the current economic situation.

Average Tax Rate Calculator - What's my average tax rate amount?
Want to know the average tax rate you'll pay on your income? Plug in your income figures and this handy tax calculator will show what percentage of your income will go to taxes.

Home Loan Tax Saver - How much will my mortgage save me in taxes?

If you paid interest or points on a home loan, chances are you can deduct those payments from your income taxes. This tax calculator can help you find out how much your mortgage will save you on your taxes.

Paycheck Tax Withholding Calculator - How much will I take home after tax withholdings?

Are you withholding enough—or too much—from your paychecks? This valuable tool looks at your entire tax situation, including your other income and expenses, and figures out what you'll actually owe on your taxes for the year. The calculator then determines how much you should have withheld to cover what you'll owe for the year, without giving Uncle Sam a big loan.

Deduction Finder - Am I claiming all the deductions I deserve?
Are you missing out on deductions you deserve to claim? Use this tax calculator to help identify over 350 tax credits and deductions available and which ones you are eligible for.

Free Tax Calculators at TurboTax

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