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More rebates may be coming in 2009, but if you are eligible for a 2008 rebate, it’s still not too late to claim last year’s rebate as well! Merely by filing your tax return, as a US citizen, you are eligible for the rebate, unless you were claimed as an exemption by another taxpayer.

The IRS is responsible for the issuance of the tax rebate checks and you can go their website to check the status of your rebate if it has not been received.

There are many things that can cause a delay or mishandling of a rebate check. You should be sure to follow up on your own to make sure you receive the rebate check you’re entitled to.

If you moved, check your change of address status and be sure to let the IRS know of you new address. If you divorced, find out whether your former spouse has received the check and cashed it. If you’re recently married, did you change your name? This shouldn’t hold up processing, but you’re wise to retrace your steps and be sure.
Any errors in the address, filing status or exemptions on your return would have caused the rebate to be processed incorrectly. If this happens, chances are you need to file and amended return in order to receive your rebate check as you should.

Looking ahead to 2009, it’s still undecided whether there will be new rebates. But in the event there are, be prepared by making sure to have all of your information in order.

TurboTax Online can help you organize, calculate and trace your rebate check from the IRS.

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